Lesley Burdett Photography

Alternative Wedding Photographer Based near Brighton in the UK, I take bookings from anywhere on the 3rd rock from the Sun.

I live life to the full, nurturing my three boys in the ways of life. I strive to make my client’s chilled and relaxed, it makes things so much easier for all of us. Your partner/parents/kids/pets will quite like me, I promise.

I’ve a pretty good sense of humour and I work like a ninja. I think I have one of the coolest jobs going and I get to wear a camera belt too!

It’s my ongoing mission to capture as much as I can in my own lifetime. From birth to death and everything in between, meeting new people along the way, hopefully learning a little bit about everything.

Heading off on unknown adventures with my camera and sharing tall stories with old/new friends/wedding guests around a camp fire under a starry night are a couple of my passions. Tell me yours.

Love is THE most important thing in my world … that and Percy Pigs! I’d like you to think of me as your Photographic Doula, gentle, kind, 10 years of experience and an expert in pretty much all photography areas.

If you think we’ll click, let’s cross paths.


p.s. NEVER give me Tequila after midnight.
EDIT – NEVER give me Tequila!


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