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Kasserina Cakes have a reputation for stunning wedding cake designs and fabulous flavours. Kass doesn’t do anything half-heartedly so no corners are cut, artificial flavours are out and disappointment is banished!

She has become known for her attention to detail (check out her sugar flowers!) and the thought process and overall finish of her cakes speaks of someone who simply will not give a client anything substandard. This caketress has mastered the art of making the impossible look easy.

Setting Kasserina apart, is her passion for using great quality natural ingredients not synthetic substitutes. There’s oodles of high end melted dark chocolate in the chocolate frosting here, and you can really tell. No artificial vanilla essence, no orange flavouring, no “strawberry-like” something or other… when Kass says her flavours are fresh and delicious, she really means it!

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Kasserina Cakes - www.kasserina.com

Posted by Kasserina Cakes on Monday, October 23, 2017

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