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We’ve never needed much excuse to celebrate in our family. My earliest memories are of incredible birthday parties and Christmas celebrations and the beautiful way in which Mum planned and decorated, down to the tiniest detail, so that each party was unique and special. From a fete in the garden, with a fortune teller’s grotto, to a princess party and a teddy bears’ picnic, nothing was too much trouble – and she loved it!​

Mum started the Christmas Heirloom Company in 1988, transforming homes and restaurants for the festive season. It’s always been our favourite time of year and this carries through in our Christmas wing of Colour Pop Occasions. Design is Mum’s passion and my quirky, colourful childhood home became the subject of a photoshoot for Living Etc magazine.

Hardly unexpectedly, I inherited Mum’s love of party planning and in 2010 we planned my own wedding in a marquee in the garden. And that was it. From then on we knew that we needed to be designing and planning parties full time, sharing with others our love of perfectly crafted events and creating for them their own beautiful, memorable occasions. And so Colour Pop Occasions was created.

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